A manual tiling window manager for X11
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herbstluftwm is a manual tiling window manager for X. It licensed under the "Simplified BSD License" (see LICENSE).

  • the layout is based on splitting frames into subframes which can be split again or can be filled with windows (similar to i3/ musca)
  • tags (or workspaces or virtual desktops or …) can be added/removed at runtime. Each tag contains an own layout
  • exactly one tag is viewed on each monitor. The tags are monitor independent (similar to xmonad)
  • it is configured at runtime via ipc calls from herbstclient. So the configuration file is just a script which is run on startup. (similar to wmii/ musca)

For more, see the herbstluftwm homepage http://herbstluftwm.org -- in particular the herbstluftwm tutorial for the first steps (also available as man herbstluftwm-tutorial after installing herbstluftwm on your system).

You are welcome to join the IRC channel #herbstluftwm on irc.freenode.net.