Augeas on Debian

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Augeas is part of Debian since "lenny" (5.0, which shipped with augeas 0.2.2). It is part also part of Ubuntu since "intrepid" (which comes with 0.3.0).

The Debian maintainers usually upload new packages to Debian "unstable" quite soon after new versions of augeas get published.

As augeas doesn't depend on loads of other libraries, it is quite straightforward to backport recent augeas versions to lenny, intrepid, as well as older Debian & derivatives. This is how to do that:

First install the tools needed to build augeas & deb packages:

 sudo apt-get install devscripts debhelper autotools-dev libreadline5-dev chrpath quilt fakeroot

Then go to or and choose the version you want to install. Locate the file with .dsc extension, copy its URL and do the equivalent of this:

 dget -u
 cd augeas-0.3.4/
 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

Language bindings

Perl, Python and Ruby

Perl, Python and Ruby bindings are already part of Debian. You can find them in Debian stable releases since "squeeze" (6.0). They can easily be backported following the same method.

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