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Augeas-based nagios types and providers for Puppet
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nagios: type/provider for nagios files for Puppet

This module provides a new type/provider for Puppet to read and modify nagios config files using the Augeas configuration library.

The advantage of using Augeas over the default Puppet parsedfile implementations is that Augeas will go to great lengths to preserve file formatting and comments, while also failing safely when needed.

This provider will hide all of the Augeas commands etc., you don't need to know anything about Augeas to make use of it.


Ensure both Augeas and ruby-augeas 0.3.0+ bindings are installed and working as normal.

See Puppet/Augeas pre-requisites.


On Puppet 2.7.14+, the module can be installed easily (documentation):

puppet module install herculesteam/augeasproviders_nagios

You may see an error similar to this on Puppet 2.x (#13858):

Error 400 on SERVER: Puppet::Parser::AST::Resource failed with error ArgumentError: Invalid resource type `nrpe_command` at ...

Ensure the module is present in your puppetmaster's own environment (it doesn't have to use it) and that the master has pluginsync enabled. Run the agent on the puppetmaster to cause the custom types to be synced to its local libdir (puppet master --configprint libdir) and then restart the puppetmaster so it loads them.


Puppet versions

Minimum of Puppet 2.7.

Augeas versions

Augeas Versions 0.10.0 1.0.0 1.1.0 1.2.0
nrpe_command yes yes yes yes

Documentation and examples

Type documentation can be generated with puppet doc -r type or viewed on the Puppet Forge page.

manage entry

nrpe_command { "check_spec_test":
  ensure  => present,
  command => "/usr/bin/check_my_thing -p 'some command with \"multiple [types]\" of quotes' -x and-stuff",

delete entry

nrpe_command { "check_test":
  ensure => absent,


Please file any issues or suggestions on GitHub.

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