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PHP TestFest

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Are you looking for information on PHP TestFest? Take a look at our website, where you can find details on organizing a PHP TestFest event, finding a group to participate with, being a mentor, and more:

If you're looking to contribute to PHP TestFest, you've come to the right place. Keep reading…


PHP TestFest Console Application

One of the tools we're building is a console application that will make it easier to get up and running quickly with PHP TestFest and writing phpt tests. Give it a try. From a command prompt, type:

composer create-project --stability dev phpc/testfest
cd testfest/


The PHP TestFest website is maintained in the docs/ directory in this repository. It is served using GitHub Pages. When pull requests are merged to master, any changes to docs/ are immediately deployed.

All content may be written in GitHub-flavored Markdown and HTML. For some examples of how you may use the site theme, take a look at Generic (docs/theme-example/ and Elements (docs/theme-example/

There are a few main sections of the website where contributions are greatly needed:

  • Tutorials

    Take a look at other tutorials in docs/_tutorials/ to get a feel for the format of tutorial files. Everything is in Markdown, but there's some YAML front-matter you'll need to add. Just create a new Markdown file in docs/_tutorials/, and you're on your way!

    Be sure you have permission to use any images included with your post. It's best if the images provided use a Creative Commons license or are in the Public Domain. A good place to look for free-to-use images is Unsplash.

  • Resources

    To add more items to the list of resources, edit docs/_data/resources.yml. It's a YAML array with specific properties. Take a look at some of the other items listed there to see what properties you might need to specify.

  • Participating Groups

    If your group is participating in PHP TestFest, add it to the list. Edit docs/_data/groups/2017.yml to add your group to the list for 2017. It's a YAML array; take a look at the properties used by some of the other groups listed to see what you can specify.

  • Mentors

    If you're interested in being a mentor to a group during PHP TestFest, feel free to add yourself to the list for 2017. Edit docs/_data/mentors/2017.yml, specifying any of the properties you feel are important for others to know about you. You may also note whether you're available to mentor locally, remotely, or able to travel for a group.

  • Other content

    We can also use some help filling out and maintaining the content of the following pages:

Testing Changes Locally

Configure Your Environment

To test changes to the docs/ directory locally, follow these steps to make sure you have the GitHub Pages dependencies installed:

  • (optional but recommended) Install rbenv

    • After installing, type rbenv install 2.3.3 at a command prompt to install Ruby version 2.3.3 with rbenv
  • From a command prompt, type the following commands:

git clone
gem install bundler
bundle install

Previewing Changes

To preview your changes, type the following into a command prompt from the docs/ directory:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Now, you may preview the site in your web browser at http://localhost:4000.


PHP TestFest website and tools are copyright © PHP Community Foundation and are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for more details.


Improving code coverage of the PHP language by teaching and mentoring others to write phpt tests. FOR PRIZES!







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