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(ns hc (:use [incanter.core :only (abs sq sqrt)]
[incanter.stats :only (mean)]
(def to-words (fn [file-tree]
(if (coll? file-tree)
(apply concat (map to-words (flatten file-tree)))
(re-seq #"[a-z]+" (org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils/lowerCase (slurp (str file-tree)))))))
(def freqs-files (memoize (fn [pof]
(let [words (to-words pof)
word-count (count words)]
(apply hash-map (flatten (map (fn [[word count]]
[word (/ count word-count)])
(frequencies words))))))))
;merges two maps. when both have a given key, use f to combine the vals. use g on all other vals.
(defn merge-general [f g m1 m2]
(let [m1-only (difference (set (keys m1)) (set (keys m2)))
m2-only (difference (set (keys m2)) (set (keys m1)))]
(merge (merge-with f m1 m2)
(into {} (map (fn [k] [k (g (m1 k))]) m1-only))
(into {} (map (fn [k] [k (g (m2 k))]) m2-only)))))
(defn combine-freqs [f1 f2]
(merge-general (comp mean vector)
(fn [val] (mean [val 0])) f1 f2)) ;i'm just combining freqs taking their (unweighted) mean.
(def freqs (memoize (fn [pof]
(if (instance? pof)
(freqs-files pof)
(combine-freqs (freqs (first pof))
(freqs (second pof)))))))
(def euclidean (memoize (fn [freqs1 freqs2 feature-list]
(sqrt (reduce + (map (fn [word]
(sq (- (or (freqs1 word) 0)
(or (freqs2 word) 0))))
(defn best-pairing [pofs word-list]
(first (sort (fn [[pof-1-1 pof-1-2] [pof-2-1 pof-2-2]]
(compare (euclidean (freqs pof-1-1) (freqs pof-1-2) word-list)
(euclidean (freqs pof-2-1) (freqs pof-2-2) word-list)))
(combinations pofs 2))))
;make agglomerative hierarchical cluster of the pofs.
;pof = pairing or file (i.e. a file tree). pofs is a list of them.
(defn cluster
([pofs] (cluster pofs (keys (freqs-files (flatten pofs)))))
([pofs word-list]
(if (= (count pofs) 1)
(first pofs)
(let [best-pair (best-pairing pofs word-list)]
(cluster (conj (filter (complement #(some (set [%]) best-pair))
(defn interesting-words [pof corpus-freqs]
(let [pof-freqs (freqs pof)]
(sort #(> (abs (second %)) (abs (second %2)))
(map (fn [word]
[word (- (or (pof-freqs word) 0) (or (corpus-freqs word) 0))])
(keys corpus-freqs)))))
(def *directory-string* "/Users/herdrick/Dropbox/clojure/hierarchical-classifier/data/store/five-file-stash/")
(def *txt-files* (seq ( (new *directory-string*) nil false)))