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BlackEagle's Archlinux Build stuff

Repo Layout

${repo}-staging -> ${repo}-testing -> ${repo}

Building packages

buildone will build a package for all its defined architectures for the currently checked out branch in the package's git tree.

for example:

  • package foo
  • git repo of foo is checked on branch 'herecura-testing'
  • buildone will build for repo herecura-testing
  • the helper herecura-testing-${arch}-build will be called (devtools)
  • if the build is successfull and there were uncommited changes they will be commited in the current branch

Package management

add/update in repository

After a package is successfully built, update it in the repo's.

Depending on the current branch you've checked out in your packages git repo, the built packages will be moved to the corresponding archlinux repository.

move from/to repoistory

Move a package from one repo to another.

a move can be:

  • ${repo}-staging -> ${repo}-testing
  • ${repo}-staging -> ${repo}
  • ${repo}-testing -> ${repo}

In the git tree, the originating branch will be merged into the target branch and the originating branch will be removed. When the move is ${repo}-staging -> ${repo} there will be an additional check if there is a -testing package and or branch.

remove from repository

The package(s) will be removed from the repositories, and in git the ${repo} branch will be renamed to 'deleted'.


  • bash
  • perl
  • devtools
  • pkgbuild-introspection