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README: Add a brief mention of the evaluator

We still need proper docs as mentioned at #1236.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Schuberth <>
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sschuberth committed May 2, 2019
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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ The toolkit is envisioned to consist of the following libraries:
changes to the software project are required.
* [Downloader](#downloader) - fetches the source code based on the Analyzer's output.
* [Scanner](#scanner) - wraps existing copyright / license scanners to detect findings in local source code directories.
* *Evaluator* - evaluates results as OK or NOT OK against user-specified rules.
* [Evaluator](#evaluator) - evaluates results as OK or NOT OK against user-specified rules.
* *Advisor* * - retrieves security advisories based on Analyzer results.
* [Reporter](#reporter) - presents results in various formats (incl. `NOTICE` files), making it easy to identify
dependencies, licenses, copyrights and policy violations.
@@ -141,6 +141,15 @@ artifactory_storage:

<a name="evaluator">&nbsp;</a>


The evalutor is used to perform custom license policy checks on scan results. The rules to check against are implemented
via scripting. Currently, Kotlin script with a dedicated DSL is used for that, but support for other scripting languages
can be added as well. See [no_gpl_declared.kts](./evaluator/src/main/resources/rules/no_gpl_declared.kts) for a very
simple example of a rule written in Kotlin script which verifies that no dependencies that declare the GPL are used.

<a name="reporter">&nbsp;</a>


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