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README: Fix indentation for a code block

This is a fixup for 9facc52.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Schuberth <>
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sschuberth authored and mnonnenmacher committed Aug 13, 2019
1 parent afc6d05 commit b3799ea565d2d62946bbb48513ed6c8158c32017
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@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ Note that if you make any changes to ORT's source code, you would have to regene
To avoid that, you can also build and run ORT in one go (if you have the prerequisites from the
[Build natively](#build-natively) section installed):

./gradlew cli:run --args="--help"
./gradlew cli:run --args="--help"

Note that in this case the working directory used by ORT is that of the `cli` project, not directory `gradlew` is
located in (see

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