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Commits on Jul 11, 2019
  1. Add support for Rust's package manager Cargo.

    boxdot authored and sschuberth committed May 4, 2019
    The package manager builds in general from source archives called
    crates that are downloaded from or a custom crates
    registry. The only exception are the dependencies specified through a
    [path] or through [git] repository. For now, cargo does not support
    binary artifacts.
    The information about the projects and its dependencies is fully
    provided by the `cargo metadata` command. In particular, it resolves
    the dependency tree of the project. The information is produced from
    the project definition `Cargo.toml` and its lock file `Cargo.lock`.
    The latter file is generated by the metadata command if it does not
    exist. Note that for workspaces `Cargo.lock` is generated next to the
    workspace definition.
    The `downloader` is changed to prefer crates instead of downloading
    the source code from VCS for Cargo packages.
    Resolves #724
    Signed-off-by: boxdot <>
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