This repository contains the Open Documentation for HERE XYZ.
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XYZ Documentation

This repository contains the Open Documentation for HERE XYZ, which is hosted on

It is written by developers for developers, and we hope it's helpful for you. It is structured slightly differently than the official HERE XYZ Developer Documentation because we want highlight concepts we think are really important and also put it into context of a broader interoperability with other tooling. As such we will include over time content from the broarder community.

We use the excellent MkDocs for generating the site with a slightly color/style tweaked Material for MkDocs theme.


Nobody is perfect and we welcome and apprecicate your contributions, corrections and additions. Please see the notes in


Copyright (C) 2018 HERE Europe B.V.

This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International CC BY-SA License - see the LICENSE file for details