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Showcase of web maps made with HERE XYZ
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XYZ Maps Showcase

This repository contains examples of maps with HERE XYZ: a location data storage and management solution.

To learn more about HERE XYZ, take a look at the official website or documentation.

If you would like to contribute your project, please make sure it complies with the contributing guidelines.


Chicago Bike Routes

Source Code - Live Map

An interactive map of Chicago bike routes. Explore which neighborhoods have the highest distance of bike route coverage.

Boston Liquor Licenses

Source Code - Live Map

Plan your next pub crawl with this interactive map listing all establishments that serve liquor in Boston. Using HERE Location Services Routing, filter establishments within a certain walking radius.

D.C. Proposed Public Transit 2030

Source Code - Live Map

Explore the proposed public transit system of Washington D.C. in 2030.

San Diego Smart Streetlights

Source Code - Live Map

San Diego deployed the world's largest smart city platform. This map lets you explore the streetlights that have sensors equipped to process Parking, Pedestrian, and Environment data.

Mapping Car Break-ins in San Francisco

Source Code - Live Map

Locations of car break-ins across the city from 2018 to the present.

Climate Projections Using Köppen Classification

Source Code - Live Map

Visualizing global warming shift climates across the globe using Köppen-Geiger classification.

Worldwide Migration Patterns

Source Code - Live Map

Mapping immigration and emigration across the world from the 1990s through 2020.

California Crop Parcels

Source Code - Live Map

Map illustrating the incredible diversity of the California’s Central Valley agriculture output throughput the seasons.

Florida Pedestrian Roadway Casualties

Source Code - Live Map

Compare locations of non-motorist roadway casualties in daytime versus nighttime in Florida’s metropolitan areas.

Landuse: New York City vs. Los Angeles

Source Code - Live Map

The story of how New York City and Los Angeles were built, block by block and year by year.

Madrid Urban Air Quality

Source Code - Live Map

Map of air quality in Madrid.

Amsterdam Solar Energy

Source Code - Live Map

Solar panels and trees in Amsterdam.

Flight Tracker

Leaflet: Source Code - Live Map

Tangram: Source Code - Live Map

Three.js: Source Code - Live Map

Flight data visualized in three different renderers.

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