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Mossflower is a global reset CSS utility for both LESS and SASS

  • Both robust and bare-bones; you won't find yourself fighting against this utility
  • It is free to use and modify as you please.
  • Both LESS (.less) and SASS (.scss) versions are available.
  • It sets a single standard for sizing (REM) so you can do all sizing off 1REM = 10PX


$ git clone https://github.com/herereadthis/mossflower.git
$ cd mossflower/
$ npm install
$ npm run bower
$ npm run grunt

CSS importing

Recommended (A): Add Mossflower as an NPM package
$ npm install --save mossflower

If you add Mossflower as an NPM package, then it will default to the .less version if you are using commonJS modules

// ECMAScript 5
// ES6
import 'mossflower';
Recommended (B): Add Mossflower as a Bower dependency
$ bower install --save mossflower
Alternative: Add Mossflower as a submodule
$ cd my_repo
$ git submodule add https://github.com/herereadthis/mossflower.git
$ git add mossflower .gitmodules
$ git commit -m "adds Mossflower submodule"
As LESS: Add to your imports
@import "/PATH_TO/../mossflower/src/less/mossflower.less";
As SASS: Add to your imports
@import "/PATH_TO/../mossflower/src/sass/mossflower.scss";

What about Normalize CSS?

Mossflower was created as an alternative to Normalize because of several reasons:

  1. Normalize doesn't use a consistent font sizing setup. Sometimes things are defined by percentages, sometimes by EM units and sometimes by pixels. Mossflower just uses REM units.
  2. Normalize defines a lot of HTML elements that most developers won't be using anyway (such as the small, figure, and h1) and you'll end up writing overrides for it - which defeats the purpose of having a global reset.
  3. Normalize also contains a lot of overrides to remove Mac/Apple styling on forms. It will probably confuse Mac users who notice their forms look different than what they're most accustomed to seeing.