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![screenshot julia]( =750x)

Julia is here to make your life easier:

  • set reminders for your next to-dos,
  • check if your server is up periodically and otherwise updates with an alert
  • See memory usage, restart postgresql, restart server etc.
  • take a screenshot of your homepage, for testing purposes
  • do math expression or calculations
  • lookup weather in a place, bitcoin exchange rate, EUR-CAD exchange rate etc.

Julia is available 24/7 on Telegram to assist you in your needs.

WARNING Work in progress, especially for the server management features. Remaining todos: chit-chat (machine learning), learning with set/get useful info such as work and home info for later computations


  • Lua
  • Redis


Best on Ubuntu. It could work theorically on a mac for testing purposes

Install the following with apt-get libreadline-dev libconfig-dev libssl-dev lua5.2 liblua5.2-dev libevent-dev make unzip git redis-server g++ libjansson-dev libpython-dev expat libexpat1-dev. Then:

./ install
$ sed -i "s/yourusername/$(whoami)/g" etc/julia.conf # setting up julia as a service
$ sed -i "s_telegrambotpath_$(pwd)_g" etc/julia.conf
$ sudo cp etc/julia.conf /etc/init/
$ sudo start julia # To start Julia!
$ sudo stop julia

Bot Commands

Name Description Usage
help Julia Help. Get info from other plugins. !help: Show list of plugins.
!help all: Show all commands for every plugin.
!help [plugin name]: Commands for that plugin.
btc Bitcoin global average market value (in EUR or USD) !btc [EUR|USD] [amount]
calculator Calculate math expressions with mathjs API !calc [expression]: evaluates the expression and sends the result.
eur Real-time EUR to CAD market price !eur [CAD]
gnuplot Gnuplot plugin !gnuplot [single variable function]: Plot single variable function.
google Searches Google and send results !google [terms]: Searches Google and send results
gps generates a map showing the given GPS coordinates !gps latitude,longitude: generates a map showing the given GPS coordinates
hackernews Get Julia to show the top 5 hacker news ( !hackernews
imdb IMDB plugin !imdb [movie]
isup Check if your website or server is up. !isup [host]: Performs a HTTP request or Socket (ip:port) connection
!isup cron [host]: Every 5mins check if host is up. (Requires privileged user)
!isup cron delete [host]: Disable checking that host.
location Gets information about a location, maplink and overview !loc (location): Gets information about a location, maplink and overview
lyrics Gets lyrics !loc (location): Gets information about a location, maplink and overview
pili Shorten an URL with service !pili [url]: Short the url
remind Manage reminders !remind [delay: 2hms] text
rss Manage User/Chat RSS subscriptions. !rss: Get the rss subscriptions.
!rss subscribe (url): Subscribe to that url.
!rss unsubscribe (id): Unsubscribe of that id.
!rss sync: Sync the rss subscriptios now. Only sudo users can use this option.
search_youtube Search video on YouTube and send it. !youtube [term]: Search for a YouTube video and send it.
server Execute a shell command on your server. !server [command]
stats Plugin to update user stats. !stats: Returns a list of Username [telegram_id]: msg_num
tex Convert LaTeX equation to image !tex [equation]: Convert LaTeX equation to image
time Displays the local time in an area !time [area]: Displays the local time in that area
translate Translate some text !translate text. Translate the text to English.
!translate target_lang text.
!translate source,target text
twitter_send Sends a tweet !tw [text]: Sends the Tweet with the configured account.
weather weather in that city (Montreal is default) !weather (city)
webshot Take an screenshot of a web. !webshot [url]
wiki Searches Wikipedia and send results !wiki [terms]: Searches wiki and send results
!wiki_set [wiki]: sets the wikimedia site for this chat
!wiki_get: gets the current wikimedia site


Your personal assistant Julia is here to make your life easier




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