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ConMan: Conference Manager

About the Project

The ConMan project was started by herlo <Clint Savage> to help run the Utah
Open Source Conference. 

The project is now maintained on GitHub but has been housed in Google Code as
well. The GitHub is the current version of the ConMan project.

Current Development

Having just completed the 2009 season of the UTOSC development is underway with
ConMan. We are currently in the planning and moving phases of the project but
will soon begin updating and creating new code to make the project more stable
and to bring the project inline with our goals for this coming year's


GNU Public License version 2


Current development is being maintained by herlo <clint@utos.org> and utahcon
<utahcon@utos.org>, to communicate with them please email or join us in IRC on
Freenode #utos-dev.