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package main
import (
cluster ""
core ""
endpoint ""
_struct ""
// EnvoyService is the resource type that is discovered by EDS
type EnvoyService struct {
name string
port uint32
endpoints []EnvoyServiceEndpoint
// EnvoyServiceEndpoint is 1 single server & its metadata
type EnvoyServiceEndpoint struct {
Address string
Metadata map[string]string
// MakeEndpointsForService converts from our convenience format to a ClusterLoadAssignment
func MakeEndpointsForService(service *EnvoyService) *endpoint.ClusterLoadAssignment {
cla := &endpoint.ClusterLoadAssignment{
Endpoints: []*endpoint.LocalityLbEndpoints{},
for _, serviceEndpoint := range service.endpoints {
cla.Endpoints = append(cla.Endpoints,
LbEndpoints: []*endpoint.LbEndpoint{{
// Point to a specified IP address
HostIdentifier: &endpoint.LbEndpoint_Endpoint{
Endpoint: &endpoint.Endpoint{
Address: &core.Address{
Address: &core.Address_SocketAddress{
SocketAddress: &core.SocketAddress{
Protocol: core.SocketAddress_TCP,
Address: serviceEndpoint.Address,
PortSpecifier: &core.SocketAddress_PortValue{
PortValue: service.port,
// Allow filtering via metadata
Metadata: &core.Metadata{
FilterMetadata: map[string]*_struct.Struct{
"": mapToStruct(serviceEndpoint.Metadata),
return cla
// MakeClusterForService returns an EDS cluster, filled in via endpoint resources
func MakeClusterForService(service *EnvoyService) *cluster.Cluster {
return &cluster.Cluster{
ConnectTimeout: ptypes.DurationProto(5 * time.Second),
ClusterDiscoveryType: &cluster.Cluster_Type{Type: cluster.Cluster_EDS},
LbPolicy: cluster.Cluster_ROUND_ROBIN,
EdsClusterConfig: &cluster.Cluster_EdsClusterConfig{
EdsConfig: makeConfigSource(),
// LbSubsetConfig is how we can route traffic to specific backends
// see
LbSubsetConfig: &cluster.Cluster_LbSubsetConfig{
FallbackPolicy: cluster.Cluster_LbSubsetConfig_ANY_ENDPOINT,
DefaultSubset: mapToStruct(map[string]string{"slice": "default"}),
SubsetSelectors: []*cluster.Cluster_LbSubsetConfig_LbSubsetSelector{
{Keys: []string{"slice"}, FallbackPolicy: cluster.Cluster_LbSubsetConfig_LbSubsetSelector_NO_FALLBACK},
// Convert to annoying protobuf nested types...
func mapToStruct(m map[string]string) *_struct.Struct {
fields := make(map[string]*_struct.Value, len(m))
for key, value := range m {
fields[key] = &_struct.Value{Kind: &_struct.Value_StringValue{StringValue: value}}
return &_struct.Struct{Fields: fields}