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This is repo for La Metric display plugin. (public api version)
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LaMetric Time ZABBIX

alt LaMetric_Time_ZABBIX

  • This is the repository for La Metric Zabbix app. (public api version)

  • Howto install:

(1/4) La Metric

  1. login and follow this video:

Alt text

(2/4) Zabbix:

  1. login to zabbix server, download lametric script and set permissions
wget -O /etc/zabbix/
chown zabbix:zabbix /etc/zabbix/ && chmod +x /etc/zabbix/
  1. Change 2 variables in the script (can be found in
nano /etc/zabbix/

(3/4) Set new Action in zabbix frontend (run script on zabbix server) - follow this video:

Alt text

  • /etc/zabbix/ "{EVENT.NAME}" "{EVENT.SEVERITY}" Problem
  • /etc/zabbix/ "{EVENT.NAME}" "{EVENT.SEVERITY}" OK

(4/4) Install your app to LaMetric Time - follow this video:

Alt text




Please give me feadback if you find bug or need some another thinks. Email is info"@", twitter is: hermanekt.


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