Gr8W8Upd8M8 is a script to automatically read your weight from a Wii Balance Board.
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This is an adaption of using to store and visualize the data.

Original README


A Wii balance board weight reporter

This script is based on wiiboard-simple, with some dependencies (like pygame) removed. I'm pretty sure it only works on Linux.


To run gr8w8upd8m8, you need:

  • Linux.
  • The bluez-utils package (you might need to install also python-bluez).
  • Bluetooth.


You can run it with:


It will prompt you to put the board in sync mode and it will search for and connect to it.

If you already know the address, you can just specify it:

./ <board address>

That will skip the discovery process, and connect directly.

gr8w8upd8m8 uses the bluez-test-device utility of bluez-utils to disconnect the board at the end, which causes the board to shut off. Pairing it with the OS will allow you to use the front button to reconnect to it and run the script.

Calculating the final weight is done by calculating the mode of all the event data, rounded to one decimal digit.

Feel free to use processor.weight to do whatever you want with the calculated weight (I send it to a server for further pointless processing).


This software is made available under the Lesser GPL license.