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title: "About Me"
+ description: "Random bits and pieces of information about Hermann Loose that
+ don't really fit in his CV."
priority: 1.0
changefreq: monthly
- lastmod: 2012-04-29T19:20:00+02:00
+ lastmod: 2012-07-03T16:00:00+02:00
# About Me
This is the personal blog of Hermann Loose.
-I'm [this guy](, [this
-guy]( and also [this
-guy]( Further, [this
+I'd like to see myself [write code]( more
+often, right now there's just a lot of cramming in order to finish my degree
+plus the unfortunate temptations of [the](
+I sometimes [take photos]( of things and have in
+one or two occasions been caught [running
+around]( for no apparent reason.
Humans may contact me using

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