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Nov 30, 2017
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Nov 30, 2017

Markdown Notes

Simple text editor for your Markdown and LaTeX notes. Try here.

Screenshoot 01 Screenshoot 02


  • Save your note. Click "Save" button and your note will be saved under unique link each time.
  • Share your note with friends and colleagues.
    • After you saved your note just copy the link from address bar to your friends. They will be able to edit your note and when they save it they will get their unique link.
    • After you saved your note you can click "Share" button which will open you new tab where you can see your note in clean environment (no header, no footer - just your note). You can then share the link in your address bar with your friends.
  • Download note as Markdown file
  • Download note as PDF
  • Write in Vim mode (optional)
  • Local autosave. Last thing you typed will be available to you when you open

protip: when your friend sends you a link to a note you cannot edit just delete view.html from the link


Huge thanks to all projects listed above that made this one possible.


Licensed under the The Unlicense.

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