Using Intel's C compiler

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If you are interested to use Intel's C/C++ compiler instead of the GCC, you have to guarantee with the compiler flag -ffreestanding that the compiler doesn't use the standard environment of your host system. Instead of using the standard path, you have to set with the compiler flag -I the include path to HermitCore's environment. However, Intel's compiler creates per default object files for the host system. Our toolchain includes the program x86_64-hermit-elfedit that is able to convert with the flag --output-osabi HermitCore these files to HermitCore's object files. For linking all object files to a HermitCore executable, you have to use the linker of our toolchain because it includes a valid linker script, which is required to build a bootable executable.

To summarize this guideline, you find below an abstract of a Makefile, which creates a HermitCore executable for the stream benchmark.

ELFEDIT_FOR_TARGET = x86_64-hermit-elfedit
CC_FOR_TARGET = x86_64-hermit-gcc
CC = icc
CFLAGS = -m64 -O3 -xHost -I$(TOPDIR)/hermit/usr/x86/x86_64-hermit/include/ -openmp -ffreestanding
STRIP_DEBUG = --strip-debug
KEEP_DEBUG = --only-keep-debug

default: stream

stream.o: stream.c
    $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $<
    $(ELFEDIT_FOR_TARGET) --output-osabi HermitCore $@

stream: stream.o
    $(CC_FOR_TARGET) -fopenmp -o $@ $<
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