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title: Hermann Käser » Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Permanent link: [](
Personal Information
* Hermann Käser
* 19 June, 1984
* German passport
* [](
Work Experience
### Contract developer through my own company: [Regal Code Ltd]( (October 2012 - Current)
As a contract developer I've worked for the following companies: [Time Inc](, [Wemanity](, [IronWeb](, [Double](, [HeyHoliday GmbH](, [Hearst UK](, and [JeemTV](
The main tools I've used during this time have been Symfony 2, Wordpress, PHPUnit, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, AWS, Jenkins, Vagrant, and Docker. I've also used Couchbase, Solr, Ansible, Rackspace cloud servers, Zookeeper, Redis, and Zend in some capacity.
### CTO at []( (July 2008 - September 2012)
* Work at revolved mainly around everything that went on behind the scenes; live and test server systems administration, backend managment tool, crawler scripts, and the model (the M in MVC).
* PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Python, Bash, Nginx, Memcached, eAccelerator, qmail, haproxy, glusterfs, XML, JSON
### Programmer at [Destinia]( (September 2007 - June 2008)
* Maintained and updated the hotel search engine, backend providers, and internal management tools.
* PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Eclipse+Zend Debugger
### Web Developer at Ninefortynine (2004-2007)
Responsibilities included:
* Developing websites using PHP and MySQL in valid XHTML and CSS
* Linux server maintenance: live, test and backup servers
* Briefing clients and maintaining contact throughout the development process and later support
### Other projects
I help maintain [OpenEats]( an open source platform to store recipes written in Django and React.
: American School of Madrid
: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Computer Science
: University of Derby, HND Computer Studies and Internet Technologies
: University of Derby, Placement
### External references
* []( my personal github account
### Languages
* Spanish, native
* English, native
* Very little German
### More about me
I'm an old school science fiction fan (Asimov, Bradbury, Philip K. Dick) but I'll read almost any kind of fiction I can get my hands on. I enjoy a good game of [Ultimate]( I started playing while at university and I've continued ever since playing for a number of club teams from different countries and representing Spain at European and World level competitions. I also like to take [pictures]( and I maintain [a tumblr blog](