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A Perlin Noise library
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Perlin Noise Deno

A simple to use perlin noise module for typescript.


PerlinNoise Class

The class that handles PerlinNoise generation.

const perlin = new PerlinNoise(permuation?: numbers[])

permutiation (numbers[]) is an optional parameter to set the permutations used by the system


perlin.noise(x: number, y: number, z: number, min?: number, max?: number)

x (number) X cordinate

y (number) X cordinate

z (number) X cordinate

min (number) not required, default 0. Minium value generated.

max (number) not required, default 1. Maxium value generated

Will return a perlin noise random value between min and max


import {PerlinNoise} from '';

const perlin = new PerlinNoise();

console.log(perlin.noise(0.1, 0.1, 0.1));


This is a port of Kas Thomas' javascript function which is a port of Ken Perlin's Java code. Kas Thomas' code can be found at Ken Perlin's code can be found at So really most of the work was done by them, I simply ported Kas' version to typescript by adding a few types to the functions

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