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@lugehorsam lugehorsam released this Jul 12, 2021 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • Added purchase validation for Apple, Google and Huawei.
  • Added an ApiOverrideOperator to leaderboard writes.
  • Added ability to logout of a session with sessionLogout.
  • Added realtime party support.
  • Added ability to import steam friends through importSteamFriends.


  • Removes the deprecated generalist socket.Send function for sending data. Use the other exported Socket methods
    such as socket.addMatchmaker for better type checking.
  • Changed the return type from socket.addMatchmaker to a MatchmakerTicket rather than a MatchmakerMatched.
  • Changed signature of authenticateSteam and linkSteam to allow for a sync option.
  • Upgraded ts-proto dependency and shipped type definitions with the protobuf adapter.
  • Sessions that are close to expiration will now be automatically refreshed. You can configure this behavior
    via the autoRefreshSession parameter in the Client constructor and the expiredTimespanMs expiration buffer value on the client.
  • Removed session parameter from rpcGet and renamed it to rpcHttpKey. This function should be used with an http key rather than a session.


  • 401 Unauthorized errors while renewing sessions.
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