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@novabyte novabyte released this May 17, 2021 · 19 commits to master since this release

Notable changes


  • Tournaments and leaderboards now allow operator scoring to be passed in on updates.
  • Tournaments and leaderboards now support decrement score operator.
  • Add "rpc_id" and "api_id" to the structured logger output in API calls.


  • Store email, avatar URL, and display name provided by Apple, Facebook, and Google login providers if empty.
  • Change runtime group add/kick/promote/demote APIs to include optional callerID parameter for permission checking. If the caller ID is an empty string it defaults to the system user.
  • Default to use SSL mode "prefer" in database connections.


  • Fix reading Lua authoritative match states that contain functions.
  • Fix reading JS/TS authoritative match states that contain functions.
  • Use UNIX path representation for embedded migrations and console files on Windows systems.
  • Update Lua VM implementation to resolve nil reference caused after a VM registry resize.
  • Pointerize slice and map types when passed into the JS VM so that they're mutated by reference.
  • Fix off by one error in leaderboard records returned by "around owner" queries.
  • Return null from within JS VM GetMatch function if match does not exist.

NOTE: For developers who use the Go server runtime support. The nakama-common package at v1.14.0 must be used with this release.

env GO111MODULE=on go get ""
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