An example repository utilizing the Docker container registry for Anaconda packages.
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Miniconda on Heroku Example App

This repository contains two things:

  • A Dockerfile, which installs scikit-learn with miniconda, and a few pip dependencies.
  • A Flask webapp, which utilizes basic functionality of scikit-learn.

All Anaconda packages are supported—scikit-learn is just being used here as an example.

☤ Advantages over Conda Buildpack:

  • No slug size limit (Anaconda packages can be very large).
  • Exact Miniconda environment, from Continuum Analytics.

☤ Deploy this Application:

Deploy with the Container Registry and Runtime:

 $ heroku plugins:install heroku-container-registry
 $ heroku container:login
 $ git clone
 $ cd python-miniconda
 $ heroku create
 $ heroku container:push web