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Select from available Build Packs to build up your own kit.

Developing Buildpacks

Once you're happy with your buildpack, you can publish it for others to use with the heroku buildkits plugin:

$ heroku plugins:install
$ cd heroku-buildpack-clojure
$ heroku buildkits:publish clojure
Publishing clojure buildpack... done


# Database first:
$ initdb pg && postgres -D pg
$ createdb buildkits
$ lein run -m buildkits.db.migrate

You may need to add /usr/lib/postgresql/$PG_VERSION/bin to your $PATH first on Debian-based systems. You'll also need a new enough version of PostgreSQL to have HStore support.

$ DEV=true lein run -m buildkits.web

Without the DEV env var, you'll get funny errors because the server is forcing HTTPS.

For developing against a local app:

$ export BUILDPACK_SERVER_URL=http://localhost:5000


Install the Heroku CLI and run:

$ createdb buildkits-test
$ sh

Operational Activities

If you configure a new bucket, you'll want to populate it from the DB:

user> (doto 'buildkits.buildpacks require in-ns)
buildkits.buildpack> (update-s3-tarballs)

Transferring buildpacks to a different org is currently only exposed via the repl:

user> (doto 'buildkits.buildpacks require in-ns)
buildkits.buildpack> (transfer "heroku/emacs" "technomancy")


Copyright © 2016 Heroku, Inc.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.