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Upload to S3 with revision ID.

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1 parent 8916db5 commit fe5607b53cfe5469a3d69556589ee39463368f91 @technomancy technomancy committed Aug 30, 2012
Showing with 8 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +8 −3 src/buildkits/buildpack.clj
11 src/buildkits/buildpack.clj
@@ -31,14 +31,19 @@
(let [{:keys [id]} (sql/insert-record "organizations" {:name org})]
(sql/insert-record "memberships" {:email username :organization_id id})))
-(defn s3-put [org buildpack-name content]
+(defn s3-put [org buildpack-name content revision]
(when-let [access_key (env/env :aws-access-key)]
(let [s3 (RestS3Service. (AWSCredentials. access_key
(env/env :aws-secret-key)))
bucket (env/env :aws-bucket)
key (format "buildpacks/%s/%s.tgz" org buildpack-name)
+ revision-key key (format "buildpacks/%s/%s-v%s.tgz" org
+ buildpack-name revision)
obj (doto (S3Object. key content)
+ (.setAcl (AccessControlList/REST_CANNED_PUBLIC_READ)))
+ revision-obj (doto (S3Object. revision-key content)
(.setAcl (AccessControlList/REST_CANNED_PUBLIC_READ)))]
+ (.putObject s3 bucket revision-obj)
(.putObject s3 bucket obj))))
;; why is this not in
@@ -52,14 +57,14 @@
(defn create [buildpack-name username org content]
(let [bytes (get-bytes content)
rev-id (db/create username org buildpack-name bytes)]
- (s3-put org buildpack-name bytes)
+ (s3-put org buildpack-name bytes rev-id)
{:status 201 :body (json/encode {:revision rev-id})}))
(defn update [username org buildpack content]
(println "Updating" org buildpack "by" username)
(let [bytes (get-bytes content)
rev-id (db/update username (:id buildpack) bytes)]
- (s3-put org (:name buildpack) bytes)
+ (s3-put org (:name buildpack) bytes rev-id)
{:status 200 :body (json/encode {:revision rev-id})}))
(defn- rollback-query [org buildpack-id target]

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