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I need to access the (sandbox environment) through this gem.

Is this possible and if so, how do I get it to hit up the sandbox environment rather than


Specify the :host option when creating your Client, e.g, :host => "", ...

@dburkes dburkes closed this

Many thanks!

Would be nice to include that in the README/Instructions for others who may need this?


I logged in the sandbox account at using the email address appended with ".test" as required and got in fine.

Trying the same successful credentials through this gem per your instructions:

client = :host => ""

Object dump of the client (client id/secret stripped for security purposes):

#<Databasedotcom::Client:0x007fa8150ef5c8 @options={:host=>""}, @client_id="xxx", @client_secret="xxx", @host="", @debugging=nil, @version=nil, @sobject_module=nil, @ca_file=nil, @verify_mode=nil>;

I get a Password Invalid error. Can you confirm that logging into your sandbox account through this gem works for you? Unless you know what I'm missing here?


If your Salesforce instance requires a security token, you need to append that to your password. See the section entitled "Authentication via username and password" at

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