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@@ -72,13 +72,16 @@ Now a Java application can be used to schedule jobs. Here is an example:
+*** TODO: Minify ***
Using Quartz a new `Scheduler` is created and started. Then a new `JobDetail` is created for the `HelloJob` job. In this example the `HelloJob` simply logs a simple message. In Quartz a `JobDetail` object is the definition of a job. The job itself is created using a `Trigger`. The trigger in this application runs every 2 seconds, continuing forever. The `scheduler` is then told to schedule the `jobDetail` job to run based on the `trigger`. Quartz has a [very extensive API]( for creating `Trigger` schedules.
To test this application locally you can run the Maven build and then run the `SchedulerMain` Java class:
$ mvn package
$ java -cp target/classes:target/dependency/* com.heroku.devcenter.SchedulerMain
+*** TODO: Show output ***
If the `HelloJob` actually did work itself then we would have a runtime bottleneck because we could not scale the scheduler and avoid duplicate jobs being scheduled. Quartz does have a JDBC module that can use a database to prevent jobs from being duplicated but a simpler approach is to only run one instance of the scheduler and have the scheduled jobs added to a message queue where they can be processes in parallel by job worker processes.
@@ -228,13 +231,13 @@ This will run the Maven build for your project on Heroku and create a slug file
To allocate one Dyno to the `scheduler` process run:
- $ heroku scale scheduler=1
+ $ heroku ps:scale scheduler=1
This should begin adding messages to the queue every two seconds.
To allocate two Dynos to the `worker` process run:
- $ heroku scale worker=2
+ $ heroku ps:scale worker=2
This will allocate two Dynos that will run the `WorkerMain` application which will pull messages from the queue and process them.

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