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    Use hatchet.json for config

    schneems committed Mar 21, 2013
    The new `hatchet.json` stores info of where your external rails/ruby projects that you're testing against are located. This goes along with the new `$ hatchet` CLI.
    Declare dependencies in your `hatchet.json` like this:
          "rails3": [""],
          "rails2": [""]
    Then run `$ hatchet install` which will clone a directory structure like this:
              # …
    Since `hatchet.json` manages these dependencies, you can now just use the name of the repo such as `codetriage` instead of the full path to the repo such as `repos/rails3/codetriage'
    After installing repos you should add the directory where your repos live in your `.gitignore` file so they are not required when a buildpack is required in production on Heroku.