Common utils for JVM buildpacks
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Heroku Buildpack for the JDK Build Status

This is the official Heroku buildpack for OpenJDK. It only installs the JDK, and does not build an application. It is used by the Java, Scala, and Clojure buildpacks.

Usage from a Buildpack

This is how the buildpack is used from another buildpack:

# download the buildpack
mkdir -p /tmp/jvm-common
curl --silent --location $JVM_COMMON_BUILDPACK | tar xzm -C /tmp/jvm-common --strip-components=1
. /tmp/jvm-common/bin/util
. /tmp/jvm-common/bin/java

# install JDK
javaVersion=$(detect_java_version ${BUILD_DIR})
install_java ${BUILD_DIR} ${javaVersion}

Standalone Usage

You may use this buildpack to install the JVM into your slug by running:

$ heroku buildpacks:set

Then it may be used by itself, or with another buildpack using multiple buildpacks.


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file.