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Testing buildpack changes using Anvil

Anvil is a generic build server for Heroku.

gem install anvil-cli

The heroku-anvil CLI plugin is a wrapper for anvil.

heroku plugins:install

The ddollar/test buildpack is for testing things: it runs bin/test on your app.

heroku build -b ddollar/test # -b can also point to a local directory

Compiling new versions of node and npm using Vulcan

Install vulcan and create your own build server. Use any app name you want and vulcan will remember it in a ~/.vulcan config file.

gem install vulcan
vulcan create builder-bob

Store your S3 credentials in ~/.aws/

mkdir -p ~/.aws
echo 'YOUR_AWS_KEY' > ~/.aws/key-nodejs.access
echo 'YOUR_AWS_SECRET' > ~/.aws/key-nodejs.secret

Add a credentials exporter to your .bash_profile or .bashrc

setup_nodejs_env () {
  export AWS_ID=$(cat ~/.aws/key-nodejs.access)
  export AWS_SECRET=$(cat ~/.aws/key-nodejs.secret)
  export S3_BUCKET="heroku-buildpack-nodejs"


support/package_nodejs <node-version>
support/package_npm <npm-version>

Publishing buildpack updates

heroku plugins:install

cd heroku-buildpack-nodejs
git checkout master
heroku buildpacks:publish heroku/nodejs

Keeping up with the Nodeses

  • Run npm info npm version to find out the latest available version of npm.
  • Follow @nodejs and @npmjs on Twitter.
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