Fix CLEAN_VIRTUALENV usage so it actually works. #51

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blaze33 commented Jun 15, 2012

Purging the venv using the labs user_env_compile feature with the CLEAN_VIRTUALENV env var doesn't work: since commit 6aadf16 VIRTUALENV_DIRS is unassigned, so nothing gets deleted.

I made the distinction between legacy- and modern-style virtualenvs. You may not want to merge this as-is because it will move legacy-venv from /app to /app/.heroku/venv and the user will have to update PYTHONHOME.
Does bin/release force PYTHONHOME to /app/.heroku/venv/ ? In this case we don't want any legacy venv and this commit is ok.

In fact I had the opposite problem after trying to purge my virtualenv with the purge branch (as documented here:, the venv was moved to /app from /app/.heroku/venv and it broke my app by not being anymore in PYTHONHOME. If you have access to heroku support requests it's the #54723.

blaze33 added some commits Jun 15, 2012
@blaze33 blaze33 Fix CLEAN_VIRTUALENV usage so it actually works. f0124cf
@blaze33 blaze33 Fix old-style virtualenv cleanup with CLEAN_VIRTUALENV.
Also remove old artifacts from cache to avoid restoring
an old-style during the next commit.

This pull request passes (merged a2e7871 into bccec5c).

blaze33 commented Jun 18, 2012

I added a second commit because we also need to clean CACHE_DIR.
Now this is not ideal because we restored old artifacts from the cache just to have them deleted but I don't wanted to mess up with the code by moving the cleanup block before the cache retrieval. But it works :)

bigsassy commented Aug 1, 2012

Any movement on this, Kenneth?


There are some drastic changes to this in the pipeline, so I'm holding off for now.

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