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+# Ruby Language Pack
+The Ruby Language Pack requires a `Gemfile` and `Gemfile.lock` file to be recognized as a ruby app. It will then proceed to run `bundle install` after setting up the appropriate environment for [ruby]( and [bundler](
+## Bundler
+For non-windows `Gemfile.lock` files, the `--deployment` flag will be used. The `vendor/bundle` directory is cached between builds to allow for faster `bundle install` times. `bundle clean` is used to ensure no stale gems are stored between builds.
+## Rails
+A [rails_log_stdout]( is installed by default so Rails' logger will log to STDOUT and picked up by Heroku's [logplex](
+## Rails 3
+To enable static assets being served on the dyno, [rails3_serve_static_assets]( is installed by default. If the [execjs gem]( is detected then [node]( will be vendored. The `assets:precompile` rake task will get run if no `public/manifest.yml` is detected. See [this article]( on how rails 3.1 works on cedar.
+## Auto Injecting Plugins
+Any vendored plugin can be stopped from being installed by creating the directory it's installed to in the slug. For instance, to prevent rails_log_stdout plugin from being injected, add `vendor/plugins/rails_log_stdout/.gitkeep` to your git repo.

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