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Print warning when rakefile appears to be broken #57

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vfilesgroup Richard Schneeman

Related to #34, but a little simpler and naive.

It will print a warning if the dry-run fails, but the error doesn't incude the Don't know how to build task '...' message. Otherwise the behavior is as you would expect.

Richard Schneeman

we had some major errors merging in #34 :( this won't cleanly merge anymore. This won't be merged in.

Richard Schneeman schneems closed this
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Commits on Dec 31, 2012
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  1. +7 −1 lib/language_pack/ruby.rb
8 lib/language_pack/ruby.rb
@@ -546,7 +546,13 @@ def lockfile_parser
# @param [String] the task in question
# @return [Boolean] true if the rake task is defined in the app
def rake_task_defined?(task)
- run("env PATH=$PATH bundle exec rake #{task} --dry-run") && $?.success?
+ output = run("env PATH=$PATH bundle exec rake #{task} --dry-run")
+ if output && $?.success?
+ return true
+ elsif !output.match(/Don't know how to build task '#{task}'/)
+ puts "WARNING: There appears to have been an issue loading your rake file, you might like to check it out"
+ end
+ false
# executes the block with GIT_DIR environment variable removed since it can mess with the current working directory git thinks it's in
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