Allow apps that don't use a DB #60

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The current build pack blows up in this case. If you are running a simple rack app without a database an error is raised. The error is raised by this code:

  uri = URI.parse(ENV["DATABASE_URL"])
rescue URI::InvalidURIError
  raise "Invalid DATABASE_URL"

This commit introduces a simple guard.


@hone can you take a look at this when you get a chance?


Hey @twinturbo, can you confirm this is still an issue? I created a Sinatra app recently with no database and no errors


@ctshryock ya it's still happening. Perhaps @schneems can merge this :)

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@ahawkins is this still an issue? I create simple rack apps without a db often. Can you provide a repro? I think was caused by the other issue by wrong ruby/rack/rails detection.

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Awesome, thanks!

@hone hone closed this Jun 18, 2013
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