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Only keep the JARs in the ivy cache as indicated by the CP #12

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hi All,

I am running a play2-mini application on Heroku and ran into the issue that the compiled slug size was too large. I see that this kind of issue has been resolved (#8 #10) for (non-mini) play applications. I am wondering if there might be an equally slick solution for those who are running play2-mini apps.

The current workaround I have in place is a modification of the buildpack to remove all JARs from the ivy cache which are not present on the classpath as given by the target/start script. I realize this is probably not an ideal solution, but it seems to fit the bill for the moment. If there are any alternative ideas, suggestions, or thoughts on a more general solution, that would be great!


PS - Here is a gist of the relevant change I made to the buildpack.


Hi ethul,

take a look to #69 . I've tried to implement a more general solution to dropping files before compressing the slug.


The preferred solution now is to use the sbt-native-packager plugin, which will copy only the necessary jar files to the target directory allowing the buildpack to completely remove the .ivy2 directory from the cache.

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