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DEPRECATED Heroku Toolbelt plugin to help configure, test and release apps to Heroku using local containers.
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Heroku Container Tools CLI plugin

/!\ This plugin is deprecated. Please see our Container Registry and Runtime instead.

Heroku Toolbelt plugin to help configure, test and release apps to Heroku using local containers.


$ heroku plugins:install heroku-container-tools


$ heroku help container
Usage: heroku container

  Use containers to build and deploy Heroku apps

Additional commands, type "heroku help COMMAND" for more details:

  container:init     #  create Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml
  container:release  #  create and release slug to app

For help with a particular command:

$ heroku help container:init
Usage: heroku container:init

   -i, --image IMAGE   # the Docker image from which to inherit
   -f, --force         # overwrite existing Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml

  Creates a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml for the app specified in app.json

Developing and contributing

Checkout the plugin source code and tell the Heroku CLI to use your local version of the plugin (instead of the default one distributed with NPM).

$ git clone
$ cd heroku-container-tools
$ npm install
$ heroku plugins:link .


The mapping from Heroku add-on specified in app.json to container configured in docker-compose.yml is tracked in lib\app.json. The mapping currently includes a limited subset of add-ons that we have tested. We welcome additions in the form of PRs.