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Plugin for new shared database stuff (yobuko)
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Heroku Shared Postgresql

This is a plugin to begin testing the client cli aspects of Yobuko.

heroku plugins:install

Most everything is modeled after Heroku Postgresql in order to have a similar client experience. In fact a lot of this is just monkey patched for the time being.

Additional commands, type "heroku help COMMAND" for more details:

  pg:export [DATABASE] <OUTPUT_FILE>  # Export to <OUTPUT_FILE>
  pg:import [DATABASE] <INPUT_FILE>   # Import from <INPUT_FILE>
  pg:info [DATABASE]                  # Display database information
  pg:ingress [DATABASE]               # Show connection info
  pg:promote [DATABASE]               # Sets DATABASE as your DATABASE_URL
  pg:psql [DATABASE]                  # Open a psql shell to the database
  pg:reset [DATABASE]                 # Delete all data in DATABASE
  pg:reset_password [DATABASE]        # Reset the credentials on DATABASE
  pg:unfollow <REPLICA>               # stop a replica from following and make it a read/write database
  pg:wait [DATABASE]                  # monitor database creation, exit when complete
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