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Running deploy from Snap-CI #1145

elsom25 opened this Issue Jul 22, 2014 · 1 comment


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elsom25 commented Jul 22, 2014

Trying to run Snap-CI to deploy, and it recently started throwing this back at me:

heroku apps | grep '^redsteel\b' || heroku create --no-remote 'redsteel' --stack 'cedar'
 !    Heroku client internal error.
 !    Search for help at:
 !    Or report a bug at:

    Error:       private method `select' called for #<String:0x00000003bcf450> (NoMethodError)
    Backtrace:   /var/go/.heroku/client/lib/heroku/command/apps.rb:32:in `index'
                 /var/go/.heroku/client/lib/heroku/command.rb:218:in `run'
                 /var/go/.heroku/client/lib/heroku/cli.rb:37:in `start'
                 /usr/local/bin/heroku:24:in `<main>'

    Command:     heroku apps
    Version:     heroku-toolbelt/3.9.4 (x86_64-linux) ruby/2.1.2

 !    Name is already taken
Command heroku apps | grep '^redsteel\b' || heroku create --no-remote 'redsteel' --stack 'cedar' failed with status 1. Took 2.69 seconds.
Saving console log for later

For the life of me, can't figure out what to do to fix it. I have the app redsteel on Heroku, so it's not taken by someone else...


geemus commented Jul 22, 2014

It looks like you are not quite on the latest version (appears to be 3.9.6). Could you update and try again? If that doesn't get you any further we can dig in further from there. Thanks.

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