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git push freezes after rmv use _ if heroku installed under system ruby #735

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Using standalone toolbelt on fedora 16-17 with rvm 1.17.3 and system ruby 1.9.3p392:

  • If I install toolbelt with system ruby, then create a new app, initially git push works;
  • Once I use rvm to switch versions and work on another project, if I return to system ruby, login to toolbelt, and git push again, the command just hangs until I ^C;
  • Testing ssh -v runs smoothly, suggesting that my ssh keychain is not the problem
  • Just clearing heroku keys or credentials is not sufficient -- I need to completely clear my keys and toolbelt:
    1. rm ~/.ssh/id_rsa* && rm -rf ~/.heroku/ && sudo rm -rf /usr/local/heroku/
    2. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
    3. rvm use system
    4. wget -qO- | sh
    5. heroku login
    6. heroku keys:add ~/.ssh/

Are there any suggestions of 1. whether this is an rvm or toolbelt issue? 2. where in the source I should look for why this is happening? I would be happy to contribute any solutions I discover. This has been a major productivity drain ... Thanks,

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