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package shuttle
import ""
// Batch holds incoming log lines and provides some helpers for dealing with
// their grouping
type Batch struct {
logLines []LogLine
UUID string
// NewBatch returns a new batch with a capacity pre-set
func NewBatch(capacity int) Batch {
return Batch{
logLines: make([]LogLine, 0, capacity),
UUID: uuid.New(),
// Add a logline to the batch and return a boolean indicating if the batch is
// full or not
func (b *Batch) Add(ll LogLine) bool {
b.logLines = append(b.logLines, ll)
return len(b.logLines) == cap(b.logLines)
// MsgCount returns the number of msgs in the batch
func (b *Batch) MsgCount() int {
return len(b.logLines)