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package shuttle
import (
// Batcher coalesces logs coming via inLogs into batches, which are sent out
// via outBatches
type Batcher struct {
inLogs <-chan LogLine // Where I get the log lines to batch from
outBatches chan<- Batch // Where I send completed batches to
drops *Counter // The drops counter
timeout time.Duration // How long once we have a log line before we need to flush the batch
batchSize int // The size of the batches
drop bool // Should we drop or not (backup instead)
// Various stats that we'll collect, see NewBatcher
msgBatchedCount metrics.Counter
msgDroppedCount metrics.Counter
fillTime metrics.Timer
// NewBatcher created an empty Batcher for the provided shuttle
func NewBatcher(s *Shuttle) Batcher {
return Batcher{
drops: s.Drops,
outBatches: s.Batches,
timeout: s.config.WaitDuration,
batchSize: s.config.BatchSize,
drop: s.config.Drop,
msgBatchedCount: metrics.GetOrRegisterCounter("msg.batched", s.MetricsRegistry),
msgDroppedCount: metrics.GetOrRegisterCounter("msg.dropped", s.MetricsRegistry),
fillTime: metrics.GetOrRegisterTimer("batch.fill", s.MetricsRegistry),
// Batch loops getting an empty batch and filling it. Filled batcches are sent
// via the outBatches channel. If outBatches is full, then the batch is dropped
// and the drops counters is incremented by the number of messages dropped.
func (b Batcher) Batch() {
for {
closeDown, batch := b.fillBatch()
if msgCount := batch.MsgCount(); msgCount > 0 {
if b.drop {
select {
case b.outBatches <- batch:
// submitted into the delivery channel, just record some stats
//Unable to deliver into the delivery channel, increment drops
} else {
b.outBatches <- batch
if closeDown {
// fillBatch coalesces individual log lines into batches. Delivery of the
// batch happens on timeout after at least one message is received
// or when the batch is full.
// returns the channel status, completed batch
func (b Batcher) fillBatch() (bool, Batch) {
batch := NewBatch(b.batchSize)
timeout := new(time.Timer) // start with a nil channel and no timeout
for {
select {
case <-timeout.C:
return false, batch
case line, chanOpen := <-b.inLogs:
// if the channel is closed, then line will be a zero value Line, so just
// return the batch and signal shutdown
if !chanOpen {
return true, batch
// Set a timeout if we don't have one
if timeout.C == nil {
defer func(t time.Time) { b.fillTime.UpdateSince(t) }(time.Now())
timeout = time.NewTimer(b.timeout)
defer timeout.Stop() // ensure timer is stopped when done
if full := batch.Add(line); full {
return false, batch