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package shuttle
import (
metrics ""
// Default logger to /dev/null
var (
discardLogger = log.New(ioutil.Discard, "", 0)
// Shuttle is the main entry point into the library
type Shuttle struct {
config Config
Batches chan Batch
readers []*LogLineReader
MetricsRegistry metrics.Registry
oWaiter, rWaiter *sync.WaitGroup
Drops, Lost *Counter
NewFormatterFunc NewHTTPFormatterFunc
Logger *log.Logger
ErrLogger *log.Logger
// NewShuttle returns a properly constructed Shuttle with a given config
func NewShuttle(config Config) *Shuttle {
b := make(chan Batch, config.BackBuff)
mr := metrics.NewRegistry()
return &Shuttle{
config: config,
Batches: b,
Drops: NewCounter(0),
Lost: NewCounter(0),
MetricsRegistry: mr,
NewFormatterFunc: config.FormatterFunc,
readers: make([]*LogLineReader, 0),
oWaiter: new(sync.WaitGroup),
rWaiter: new(sync.WaitGroup),
Logger: discardLogger,
ErrLogger: discardLogger,
// Launch a shuttle by spawing it's outlets and batchers (in that order), which
// is the reverse of shutdown.
func (s *Shuttle) Launch() {
for _, rdr := range s.readers {
go func(rdr *LogLineReader) {
// startOutlet launches config.NumOutlets number of outlets. When inbox is
// closed the outlets will finish up their output and exit.
func (s *Shuttle) startOutlets() {
for i := 0; i < s.config.NumOutlets; i++ {
go func() {
outlet := NewHTTPOutlet(s)
// LoadReader into the shuttle for processing it's lines. Use this if you want
// log-shuttle to track the readers for you. The errors returned by ReadLogLines
// are discarded.
func (s *Shuttle) LoadReader(rdr io.ReadCloser) {
r := NewLogLineReader(rdr, s)
s.readers = append(s.readers, r)
// CloseReaders closes all tracked readers and returns any errors returned by
// Close()ing the readers
func (s *Shuttle) CloseReaders() []error {
var errors []error
for _, closer := range s.readers {
if err := closer.Close(); err != nil {
errors = append(errors, err)
return errors
// WaitForReadersToFinish to finish reading
func (s *Shuttle) WaitForReadersToFinish() {
// DockReaders closes all tracked readers and waits for all reading go routines
// to finish.
func (s *Shuttle) DockReaders() []error {
errors := s.CloseReaders()
return errors
// Land gracefully terminates the shuttle instance, ensuring that anything
// read is batched and delivered. A panic is likely to happen if Land() is
// called before any readers passed to any ReadLogLines() calls aren't closed.
func (s *Shuttle) Land() {
close(s.Batches) // Close the batch channel, all of the outlets will stop once they are done
s.oWaiter.Wait() // Wait for them to be done