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bdotdub commented Mar 12, 2013

Implemented a way to visualize historical response time values wsing Rickshaw.

Could potentially be used for any of the metrics on the page - just needs to be thought out a bit more!

Working example here: http://timehop-viz2log.herokuapp.com



bdotdub commented Mar 12, 2013

Also worth mentioning that commit[0] adds a concurrency param to the app/:id to fallback to for utilization.


dominic commented Mar 12, 2013

Awesome - thanks @bdotdub! This looks great. We're going through and polishing stuff today, so I'll take a look at getting it merged.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 11 44 11 AM

[adding screenshot for posterity]


bdotdub commented Mar 12, 2013

👍 Digging the tool so far!

kg4lod commented Apr 6, 2013

Are there still plans to get this merged? (or do some other form of plotting?)


dominic commented Apr 7, 2013

@kg4lod Yes - there are plans for both. The main reason it hasn't been merged yet is that, though I like the graph visualization, "quick and dirty" didn't feel quite good enough to ship (and I haven't had enough time to go back and get it to a point that feels good to me).

re: your other comment (#3 (comment)), one plot I'd really like to add is a histogram of response times, with the 50th and 95th percentiles indicated on the histogram. That visualization, combined with the average response time, could provide a much more valuable picture of your application's current state. That's more a brain dump than anything, but I'd love feedback, or thoughts on other visualizations you'd like to see!

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