if an entry has only a username, password is chosen from the next entry #14

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rkh commented Jan 11, 2013

My .netrc looks something like this:

machine github.com
machine api.heroku.com
  password HEROKU_TOKEN
... more entries ...

Now, when I try to find the github token, I get this:

require 'netrc'

Netrc.read["github.com"] # => ["GITHUB_TOKEN", "HEROKU_TOKEN"]
geemus commented Jan 11, 2013

@rkh - I think (unfortunately) that this is a known issue. If I remember right you can workaround by adding a (presumably blank) password line for the time being, I think making it do the right thing would take a somewhat more significant amount of work at present, happy to answer questions but I suspect I won't have time to address this myself in the near term.

rkh commented Jan 12, 2013

Fair enough.

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