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A barebones Rails app, which can easily be deployed to Heroku.

This application supports the Getting Started on Heroku with Ruby article - check it out.

Running Locally

Make sure you have Ruby installed. Also, install the Heroku CLI (formerly known as the Heroku Toolbelt).

$ git clone
$ cd ruby-getting-started
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
$ heroku local

Your app should now be running on localhost:5000.

Deploying to Heroku

Using resources for this example app counts towards your usage. Delete your app and database as soon as you are done experimenting to control costs.

By default, apps use Eco dynos if you are subscribed to Eco. Otherwise, it defaults to Basic dynos. The Eco dynos plan is shared across all Eco dynos in your account and is recommended if you plan on deploying many small apps to Heroku. Learn more about our low-cost plans here.

Eligible students can apply for platform credits through our new Heroku for GitHub Students program.

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku main
$ heroku run rake db:migrate
$ heroku open


Deploy to Heroku


The app can be run and tested using the Heroku Docker CLI plugin.

Make sure the plugin is installed:

heroku plugins:install heroku-docker

Configure Docker and Docker Compose:

heroku docker:init

And run the app locally:

docker-compose up web

The app will now be available on the Docker daemon IP on port 8080.

To work with the local database and do migrations, you can open a shell:

docker-compose run shell
bundle exec rake db:migrate

You can also use Docker to release to Heroku:

heroku create
heroku docker:release
heroku open


For more information about using Ruby on Heroku, see these Dev Center articles: