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Add .rpm packages #12

ddollar opened this Issue · 23 comments

Perhaps the script could detect the OS and install as appropriate. Should work for Fedora / Centos if possible.






Would any Fedora/CentOS user be interested in helping us to build/maintain this?


I'm an Arch(at home), Fedora(at work) user. I can hel to build and maintain this


I just discovered that you can just install heroku with gem install heroku, so i don't need an rpm package.


@kalkin Everybody can just run that to get hroku cli. But Toolbelt is more than that. What @ddollar meant is need to modify install.erb view, to add code for auto detect operating system (maybe use uname ), then sent to correct repo source and correct command to install package for that oprating system. For example, Arch Linux had sth like so we just need to get that AUR package then run corresponding command for Arch users. That's the idea.


@kalkin it is the heroku toolbelt that has an issue with .rpm package

@ddollar ddollar closed this
@ddollar ddollar reopened this

Ahh nice. I didn't know that. Just getting started with the whole Heroku and Rails stuff.


I'm unfamiliar with the rpm ecosystem, so I'm wondering if users would find it more convenient to offer an individual .rpm file for the heroku CLI and one for foreman or would it be better to offer a yum repository?

With a repository you would get automatic updates, but from what I gather there's not a single repository format that works across all rpm-based systems, right? So individual .rpm files would be more broadly compatible.


@ddollar I just switched from Gentoo to Fedora on desktop and notebook so i could test it, but rpm packages are still just some kind of magic to me. Had no time to look in to them.


need redhat support. cmon, it's 2012, should be standard.


+1 for redhat support, I was amazed when I found out this wasn't standard.


I have an experimental rpm build of the Heroku client generated using alien. It seems to work from my brief experiments, but I'm not very familiar with rpm-based systems and could use some feedback on it:

If it looks good, I can see about setting up a yum repository for updates, integrating with CI, and linking from



Hey technomancy, your alien-generated rpm seems to work so far. New to Heroku, excited to see what I can do with it.


Glad to hear it. Hopefully soon I can work on getting a yum repository up then.


RPM worked well in OpenSuse 11 as well.


I tried heroku gem, but it said gem is deprecated and I have to use toolbelt. Then I found this link and tried rpm, it seems the rpm is working fine in my box, fedora 18, too. Thanks guys.


The Aliened RPM works perfectly on Fedora 17,


Thanks a lot :+1:


Here's a spec file that pretty much mirrors what the script does. Should work on all rh/fedora/centos.

I got the version from running heroku --version.

This spec file drops a file into /etc/profile.d that adds /usr/local/heroku/bin to the path.


+1. I tried "Standalone" version but this don't works.


Works great on Fedora 21, thanks...

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