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coffee = require("coffee-script")
express = require("express")
fs = require("fs")
logger = require("logger")
spawner = require("spawner").init()
util = require("util")
uuid = require("node-uuid")
db = require("cloudant").connect("make")
app = express.createServer(
express.bodyParser()) "/make", (req, res, next) ->
id = uuid()
command = req.body.command
prefix = req.body.prefix
deps = if req.body.deps then JSON.parse(req.body.deps) else []
log = logger.init(res, next, id)
unless req.body.secret is process.env.SECRET
return log.error "invalid secret"
# return build id as a header
res.header "X-Make-Id", id
# keep the response alive
setInterval (-> res.write(String.fromCharCode(0) + String.fromCharCode(10))), 1000
# save build to couchdb "saving to couchdb" id, command:command, prefix:prefix, deps:deps, (err, doc) ->
return log.error(util.inspect(err)) if err
# save uploaded code as an attachment "saving attachment - [id:#{} rev:#{doc.rev}]"
db.saveAttachment {, rev:doc.rev}, {name:"input", "Content-Type":"application/octet-stream"}, (err, data) ->
return log.error(err.reason) if err && err.error != "conflict"
res.write "done\n"
res.write "Building with: #{command}\n" "spawning build"
make = spawner.spawn "bin/make \"#{id}\"", env:
PATH: process.env.PATH
make.on "error", (err) -> log.error(err)
make.on "data", (data) -> res.write data
make.on "end", (code) -> res.end())
app.get "/output/:id", (req, res, next) ->
log = logger.init(res, next,
stream = db.getAttachment, "output"
stream.on "error", (err) -> log.error(err)
stream.on "data", (chunk) -> res.write chunk, "binary"
stream.on "end", -> res.end()
app.listen process.env.PORT or 3000
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