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packaging issues - heroku/vulcan/kensa #40

aljosa opened this Issue Dec 3, 2012 · 1 comment

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aljosa commented Dec 3, 2012

using deb repository for heroku toolbelt doesn't work great w/ vulcan (and also kensa).
installing vulcan (gem install) also installs heroku gem and nothing actually works after that.

heroku-accounts plugin stops working, "vulcan create" doesn't work and it looks like it's all because "gem install vulcan" also installs heroku gem.

any way you could package everything into same package management so i can just do:
$ apt-get install heroku vulcan kensa
$ gem install heroku vulcan kensa

or update vulcan gem not to require heroku?

wuputah commented Dec 12, 2012

Vulcan's CLI currently uses the Heroku CLI internal directly. This is perhaps bad practice but I don't see this changing in the short term. See:

Your issue with the toolbelt can be fixed by making the directory with the toolbelt heroku binary occur in your PATH before your rubygems binary.

@wuputah wuputah closed this Dec 12, 2012
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